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Re: [school-discuss] Applications / Open Source / Clipart

"Permission to Use Clip Art: Permission is granted to download no more 
than ten different clip art images for non-revenue-producing use on hard 
copy documents or on Web sites with the following restrictions:

Yes, that is true -- the teachers do credit the clipart sites.  I guess if
we were using it as a "resource", it would need to be open.  
I guess the point was that it is so much easier for teachers to use clips
directly from the web without middle steps of getting them into another
format --  i.e.  
School Clip Art Usage Rights
The clip art you find at School-Clip-Art.com are provided FREE for
educational use. Teachers can use them for worksheets and other classroom
needs and students can use them for their homework assignments.  They
simply link back to the site.

Here are the best educational clip art images from the web. Those in the
right hand column (*) are our original creations. All other images have
been obtained from "free" clip art sites, so to the best of our knowledge
they are not copyrighted and are available for non-commercial purposes.
You are welcome to use all of the clipart available here for
non-commercial uses, just please remember to give us credit.