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Re: [school-discuss] What's in a name?

Justin Zeigler wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 11:21, Doug Loss wrote:
> >
> > My first thought is that the term "guide" is exactly what you're looking for.
> > To me it connotes someone who has been through the process before and knows what
> > to look for.  It also suggests that the person being guided (the child in this
> > case) is actually the one calling the shots, as guides aren't generally leaders
> > but subordinates.
> >
> Ben mentioned guide, but I shot it down due to manuals and how-to's
> commonly being called 'Guides'. I think the name needs to be something
> that the audience(children) can use to refer to the person.

But that's computer thinking.  What's to keep the kids from thinking of tour guides,
or fishing guides, or museum guides, or Girl Guides (Girl Scouts in some countries are
called Girl Guides)?

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