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[school-discuss] Start your career in A. I.

Start your career in A. I. with the A. L. I. C. E. SILVER EDITION
For only $100 per year ( *** or only $25.00 for youth, students, seniors
or disabled *** )
you can chat with the latest up to date research and development version
of the award winning A. L. I. C. E. artificial intelligence! Your
subscription includes one full year of unlimited chatting with the A. L.
I. C. E. Silver Edition A. I. You will be able to support the research of
the A. I. Foundation as well as stay on top of the latest research results
before the competition.

"Much sharper than plain ALICE...Alice Silver is impressive. Her
curiosity, leaves you with the eerie feeling she might develop
consciousness someday...someday soon."

--Peter Plantec, Virtual Personalties, Inc., SYLVIE botmaster
The A. L. I. C. E. Silver Edition ...

Has ALL The latest AIML added by Dr. Wallace, updated daily.

Contains 1000's more questions and answers than Free ALICE software.

Lets You Participate in leading edge research and development.

Gives you an Enneagram Personality Test !

Contains Proprietary Technology until 2004.

Knows more and Learns faster than Free ALICE.

Will be entered in future bot competitions.

Click here to start your one-year subscription to A. L. I. C. E. Silver
Edition, or chat with the original Free ALICE bot at


*** Only 25.00 *** for students, youth, seniors, and disabled.

ADDED Bonus: If you sign up now-- FREE MEMBERSHIP in the ALICE A.I.
Foundation. You will receive a beautiful personalized membership
certificate designed by Sage Greco, suitable for printing and framing. You
will also receive up to date publications from the A. I. foundation ahead
of the website and mailing lists. You will be invited to join members only
mailing lists and meetings where you can have your technical questions
answered personally.

New: You you can use the Silver A.L.I.C.E. chat robot to determine your
Enneagram Personality Type. By chatting with the subscription version of
A.L.I.C.E., you can find out which of the nine basic personality types
(Perfectionist, Giver, Competitor, Artist, Observer, Loyalist, Hedonist,
Boss or Mediator) you most closely resemble. Unlike other personality
tests based on questionnaires, the A.L.I.C.E. test works just like an
ordinary chat conversation. The bot simply inserts hidden personality test
questions into the dialog, and makes up her mind about your personality
type. At any point in the conversation, you can ask, "What is my
personality type?", and she will report her best estimate of your type.
The longer you chat, the better her estimate of your personality type

Subscribe today for unlimited personality testing for one year!

ALSO: Step-by-step documentation on creating your own subscription based
bot business with Pandorabots, updated periodically. Learn how to make
money by publishing your bot and collecting an e-commerce fee.

Your bot subscription will normally start within 24-36 hours.

Note: Subscription to Silver ALICE is a donation to the ALICE A.I.
Foundation, a nonprofit charity. Sorry, no refunds.