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[school-discuss] E-mail pen pals

[I thought this might be of interest to some of the teachers on 
this list--Doug]

Dear Sir,

This is two students from Hippings Methodist Primary school in 
year 4 in England. We would like to be  pen pals with some of the 
children at your school and tell you a bit about our school. We 
learn English, Maths, History, P.E., R.E., Geography, Science, 
art and D.T.. We are in a small town called Oswaldtwistle in the 
county of Lancashire. We have a school trip every year, and have 
an assembly every day either in the morning or afternoon. We 
start school at 9:00 and finish school at 3:30. We have a junior 
playground and an infant playground they are both very very 
large. We have lots of good equipment in school to help us with 
our lessons. There are seven years at our school. We start school 
when we are about 4 and finish primary school when we are about 
11 and move on to secondary school. We have a spelling test and 
tables test every Friday in most classes. This afternoon we might 
go trekking through the snow (its very cold were we live and we 
often get lots of cold weather). There are thirty-two children in 
our class there ages ranging from eight to nine. Some of us come 
to school walking others by car others by bus others by taxi. 
Most people come by car or walking. There is a teacher for each 
year and some teachers have helpers our own teacher is very 
funny. We have a system that if you are good you get whats called 
a team point or team points for your team the colours are red, 
green, yellow and blue. Every week the team points are added up 
and the team with the most points gets a special counter on a 
board we put up. At the end of the term the team with the most 
counters gets a special trophy or cup. Our classrooms are fairly 
large. Here is a link to our own special school website.


 >From two children in year four.  (With the approval of their 
teacher Mr Martin)