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Re: [school-discuss] ISO Award suggestions and Software Freedom

How about the Open Mind Award.
Open for OSS and for out of the box thinking
Mind for education, learning etc
Open Mind for, well, having an open mind

On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 08:24 AM, mike eschman wrote:


to keep it friendly and color-blind neutral, how about "the do-nut".

mike eschman, etc ...

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 10:07 am, Kyle Hutson wrote:
. Douglas S. Blank wrote:
. > Of course, these would be limited to free/open source. Suggest giving
. > the award a name (something more encompassing than penguins, tux, etc):
. >
. > Golden Apple Award (overused)
. > Golden Chalk Award (has been used a couple of times)
. > Golden Bit Award (also used a couple of times)
. > Golden Forge Award (not used; not a bad name)
. > Golden Nibble Award (not used, but an esoteric computer term, but
cute) .
. How about a "golden doughnut award" - since they're open. I tried to
. think of other "open" things, but "golden puff-pastry award" just didn't
. have a good ring to it.
. Does it have to be "golden"?
. "open apple award" sounds too much like the reset sequence on the early
. Apple computers (yes, it's sad that I still remember this).
. Any more esoteric computer terms? All I can think of off the top of my
. head are networking (packet, port, ACK, SYN) which may not be appropriate.
. More to the human side: Fingers, Brain, Caffeine, perhaps?

(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...