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[school-discuss] good night

Ode to a Bookworm by Percy Dovetonsils.

Oh hail to thee thou streamlined fellow,
You go through my books like
A fork goes through Jell-O.
When I open a book and
Look back at the binding,
Little crumbs from your lunch
Always I'm finding.

I saw you first, so trim and so spruce,
As you gummed a few pages out of my mother goose.
You browsed though my shelves, In your eye was a twinkle,
As you ate the first chapter of old Rip Van Winkle.
The next time I saw you I was so miffed.
You ate off the ending of inventor Tom Swift
You made little bites so round and so tidy,
All over the back of my copy of Heidi.

And then you reached manhood, I recall with some pain
When you first bit your way into Mickey Spillane.
You ate chapter 1 and then began rushing,
On chapter 13 I noticed you blushing.
As the years pass on by you continue to munch,
You were big enough then to eat Ivanhoe for lunch.
Then you ate Lawrence of Arabia, I heard your loud sigh,
As you lay gasping for water - the book was so dry.

Today is your birthday, may you live good and long,
So the night will be filled with your nibbling song.
Now you can eat my presents from the back to the front
For today I've enrolled you in the "Book of the Month."

mike eschman, etc ..

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