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[school-discuss] etc ... artwork for schoolforge


for the record, any artwork submitted by etc ... for use by schoolforge or any 
schoolforge member is without any charge whatsoever, may be copied and 
distributed but not resold  or sold, (but be nice and mention etc ...)

in the event their is a competition over artwork, we are not eligible to 
participate or win, as is customary when a member of an organization 
volunteers to provide examples and such to "get the ball rolling".
customarily, that volunteers employer can not "win a prize".

you know, if you write the rfp, then you can't bid on it - that sort of an 
idea, though no rfp is involved.  ...

it's the fair way to handle things.

i hope to see hundreds, if not thousands :-) (dozens???) of student 
submissions from schoolforge member organizations.  

students ---> children,
what we are really all about ...

hope this helps get some submissions into your mailbox.

mike eschman, etc ...
(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...