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Re: [school-discuss] ISO Award suggestions and Software Freedom

I think these are good ideas. Has anyone else commented on them yet? I'm wading
through ....

Quoting mike eschman <meschman@etc-edu.com>:

> .
> . Those working on art work might want to, first, make sure we agree on
> . the name, 
> for the art, what is usual and customary is that a variety of themes and 
> topics are submitted, and the artists are expected to submit multiple works,
> a folio of thoughts, perhaps a "theme".  any work submitted remains the 
> property of schoolforge for non-exclusive, non-commercial use only.  
> participants are invited to create new logos to fit their ideas.  if you do
> one we like, we may use it for a month or so, "sponsoring" your art work on
> the site.
> then, a group of winners is selected, and each is given a "commission" to 
> create a work of art to specification.  that may occur up to a year after the
> award is made.
> this will provide schoolforge with a real wardrobe, and forster free exchange
> of works across organizational boundaries.
> mike eschman, etc ...
> http://www.etc-edu.com
> "Not just an afterthought ...
> but also make images that refer back to Schoolforge (ie, color
> . scheme, motif from Schoolforge puzzle logo, etc). Also, different sizes
> . (including small ones) that can be proudly displayed on web pages.
> .
> . We could have in mind a set of categories, and then go out looking to
> . see what fills them. But, maybe we should just find excellent programs
> . and create categories for them. We could also give awards to people
> . rather than just projects. Politicians, programmers, columnists, etc.
> .
> . Then, maybe we can just accept the nominations as awards, or vote if
> . necessary. How does this group decide anything?
> .
> . I think we should do this in the next month, and have an PR/announcement
> .    to kick off the Software Freedom Season (see
> . http://emergent.brynmawr.edu/?SoftwareFreedom) on March 4th.
> .
> . -Doug
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