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Re: [school-discuss] More Progress! (infomercial update)

David Bucknell wrote:
Dear Jim,

Beautiful -- you and Lucy are the pin ups of the month IMHO. Your story would
make a _great_ series of slides for one of those info ads we've talked about.
Anyone want to do it?


Hi David and Jim,
just a quick infomercial update: i've been pursuing the infomercial idea in the last couple weeks -- Monday i finally spoke with a gentleman from
On2.com regarding their VP5 Java encoder, which loaded into my browser and played high-quality video without any special plugins. Check it out
at: http://www.on2.com/jplayer/index.php3
But it costs $20,000 for the encoder!!! The idea of being able to view an infomercial through a browser still sounds good, so there's the JMF
(Java Media Framework) -- but downloading the Linux version (blackdown)
is currently disabled for approx 2 wks while Sun resolves some legal issue...it says on their site: (http://www.blackdown.org/java-linux/java2-status/jmf-status.html)

The Vorbis/Ogg format stuff does not seem to be ready just yet, so I'm awaiting the JMF download from blackdown, and hope it fits-the-bill.
Charlie Cosse