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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: kalamaris]

At 12.24 14/02/2003 -0500, you wrote:
I received this from Estuardo Wednesday evening. If someone with experience installing Kalamaris could help him I'd appreciate it.

Specific need. *We need to install kalamaris, we have already downloaded
the software but we have been unsuccesfull running it.*
Local resources available. *We are running Suse 8.1, in desktop
computers with AMD 900Mhz 128mram, 20gbhd*
Hi there, it's my first time that i write to this ml.
I'm Giovanni Caruso (a friend of Paolo Pumilia) for ITD-CNR (Genoa, Italy); I try to respond to this question because I compiled and resolved many problems compiling kalamaris.
First it requires the KDE3-devel libs ant QT3.x to compile, infact it worked on RedHat7.3 and now on the newest 8.0(kernel 2.4.18 & .19). I don't have any experience on Suse but I need the output errors of the program to try to find the problem about this installation and the KDE enviroment installed.
I'm sorry if my english will not be always correct :-)
Best regards,