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Re: [school-discuss] Phase I ISO Evals: intranet, courseware and some others

couldn't read your mime format e-mail.

On Sunday 16 February 2003 07:58 am, David Bucknell wrote:
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. Since the intranet category is full of course builders and tools for
 courses, I . have felt it unavoidable while looking at intranets to look at
 apps that are . primarily in the courseware category. I suggest that we
 separate them in the . future. I know that when I submitted Manhattan, I was
 worried that it would be . overlooked when users were looking at intranets,
 so I included it in that . secondary category. Reading through the apps now,
 however, I find that this . cross-indexing is more confusing than helpful.
 So, I have, in the attached html . page, suggested recategorizing apps:
. *intranet-groupware (may contain couse builders, but may not -- perhaps
 more . valuable if they do)
. *course builders (courses that would fit within an intranet/extranet. They
 may . have many features of an intranet, but are primarily course builders)
 . *courseware (tools that would fit inside a course)
. There are a couple of other categories in there, too.
. If I have not colored the row, it's because my findings are too
 inconclusive to . report anything at all.

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