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[school-discuss] Re: CLEA WWW memo submission RESPONSE

On Sunday 16 February 2003 12:22 pm, you wrote:
. Dear Mr. Eschman,
.     CLEA, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, is happy
. to have its materials included in CD's or on websites, as long as these
. materials are distributed free of charge and for educational purposes
. only.

our goal would be to put it into the Gutenberg Library at 
http://www.promo.net/pg/ with a copyright specifically designed to prevent
resale for any reason (the Gutenberg Copyright).

.     We would also be happy to have these materials available on other
. platforms, again, as long as the port is not-for-profit and for
. educational purposes.  However I believe you may underestimate the task.
. CLEA software involves a great deal of design and development, and is
. comprised of a great deal of code (written using the Delphi development
. system)that is not easily ported; We have experimented--not with much
. success--with cross-platform development systems, but have not found one
. yet that meets our needs. 

we are all computer scientists and have written literally millions of lines
of code, primarily in C, C++, assembler, bash scripts, Perl and PHP.

We recently completed a port from Mathlab to C++.

It was our 37th successful port.

 A typical CLEA exercise takes over a year to
. develop, and while you may be able to replicate some of the basic
. appearance of our exercises quickly, the full blown software
. package---on which we would insist were any port to be done, is not a
. trivial thing to reproduce.

I figured the task would take about three years, with quarterly deliverables.
Each quarter we would release something usable in public school classrooms.

we feel they are currently standing in harm's way.

can't just stand by, hands in pockets, and let it happen ...

.     In short, you are not talking about a weekend job, and I suspect it
. would involve more interaction with our limited staff, as well, than we
. could afford at present time.

We could hold it to e-mails, and no more than 1 hour per week.  start modest.

.    We welcome your interest, and would, indeed welcome a serious NASA or
. NSF sponsored program to port our material to other platforms, 

Gutenberg could help with this.

but at
. present I'm afraid we lack the resources even to contribute to such an
. effort without more definite details on what it would entail.
.    Thanks for your interest in Project CLEA.
. Larry Marschall
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. Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2003 10:46 AM
. To: clea@gettysburg.edu
. Subject: CLEA WWW memo submission RESPONSE
. On Sat Feb 15 10:45:39 2003,
. The following information was submitted:
. Host:
. realname = mike eschman
. Address1 = 52 oaklawn drive
. Address2 =
. City = metairie
. State = la
. Zip = 70005
. Country = USA
. submit_by = meschman@etc-edu.com
. Phone = 504-610-3292
. Messages = location : http://www.etc-edu.com
. we are writing a series of notes on the solar system to go with the
. solar system encylopedia written by nasa (and contract) personnel for
. free distribution on downloable cds.
. i have included a planetarium.
. the sponsoring organization is http://www.opensourceschools.org.
. i would love to include your stuff, but we are linux only.
. would you like us to port your software to linux?
. would you like us to make a new set in linux to go with your booklets?
. thanks.
. mike eschman, etc ...
. "Not just an afterthought ...

(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...