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Re: [school-discuss] Phase I ISO Evals: intranet, courseware and some others

In case anyone besides Mike E. couldn't read my attachment, please see this link
for the intranet and courseware suggested categorization, picks for installation
and my (ahem) data:



> . Since the intranet category is full of course builders and tools for
>  courses, I . have felt it unavoidable while looking at intranets to look
> at
>  apps that are . primarily in the courseware category. I suggest that we
>  separate them in the . future. I know that when I submitted Manhattan, I
> was
>  worried that it would be . overlooked when users were looking at
> intranets,
>  so I included it in that . secondary category. Reading through the apps
> now,
>  however, I find that this . cross-indexing is more confusing than helpful.
>  So, I have, in the attached html . page, suggested recategorizing apps:
> .
> . *intranet-groupware (may contain couse builders, but may not -- perhaps
>  more . valuable if they do)
> . *course builders (courses that would fit within an intranet/extranet.
> They
>  may . have many features of an intranet, but are primarily course
> builders)
>  . *courseware (tools that would fit inside a course)
> .
> . There are a couple of other categories in there, too.
> .
> . If I have not colored the row, it's because my findings are too
>  inconclusive to . report anything at all.
> .

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