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[school-discuss] Join the A. I. Foundation

The ALICE A.I. Foundation is a non-profit research and training
organization devoted to the development and adoption of AIML, the
artificial intelligence markup language.

Your membership in the A. I. Foundation brings you:

- One year of unlimited chat with the A.L.I.C.E. Silver Edition, the most
advanced version of the award winning A.I. chat robot by Dr. Rich Wallace.
"Much sharper than plain ALICE...Alice Silver is impressive. Her
curiosity, leaves you with the eerie feeling she might develop
consciousness someday...someday soon." --Peter Plantec, Virtual
Personalties, Inc., SYLVIE botmaster

- A Beautiful Membership Certificate designed by Sage Greco suitable for
framing and printing.

- An invitation to the exclusive members only Foundation meetings online,
where you can have your technical questions answered by top A.I.

- Subscription to the A.I. Foundation Newsletter, with technical
information and news published ahead of the Foundation's free mailing list
and web site.  Learn how to make money by starting your own subscription
based bot business.