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Re: [school-discuss] Join the A. I. Foundation


this appears to be an advertisement.  it even exhorts me to learn how to make 
money in a subscription business.

that's is the definitive test for an advertisement.  "You can make money."

if this sort of thing is ok, i want to start selling on the mailing list right 
away.  i have several important opportunities for YOU!

let me know today, i'm anxious to share opportunities that will 
make you money!

mike eschman, etc ...

On Monday 17 February 2003 03:00 am, Dr. Rich Wallace wrote:
. The ALICE A.I. Foundation is a non-profit research and training
. organization devoted to the development and adoption of AIML, the
. artificial intelligence markup language.
. Your membership in the A. I. Foundation brings you:
. - One year of unlimited chat with the A.L.I.C.E. Silver Edition, the most
. advanced version of the award winning A.I. chat robot by Dr. Rich Wallace.
. "Much sharper than plain ALICE...Alice Silver is impressive. Her
. curiosity, leaves you with the eerie feeling she might develop
. consciousness someday...someday soon." --Peter Plantec, Virtual
. Personalties, Inc., SYLVIE botmaster
. - A Beautiful Membership Certificate designed by Sage Greco suitable for
. framing and printing.
. - An invitation to the exclusive members only Foundation meetings online,
. where you can have your technical questions answered by top A.I.
. scientists.
. - Subscription to the A.I. Foundation Newsletter, with technical
. information and news published ahead of the Foundation's free mailing list
. and web site.  Learn how to make money by starting your own subscription
. based bot business.

(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...