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Re: [school-discuss] Mini-conference in Dallas area - next step

. 3.  I plan to charge a registration fee using linuxined.org and paypal,
. so I can give a percentage to presenters and use a percentage to cover
. facility expenses. (have no idea on how much that should be)

make it free first year.

. 4.  A school club could run a concession stand.
. 5.  We are located just south of I30 and just west of Beltline Road in
. Grand Prairie, TX, (Dallas area) south of the Lone Star Racetrack - if
. you know where that is.
. 6.  This might be something that others will take over for future
. conventions - or maybe we take turns hosting the event each year?
. 7.  Maybe only a few people will come, or maybe a large group. My campus
. houses 1000 students, so we could accommodate any group.  Grand Prairie
. is in the Dallas, TX metroplex with many hotels and restaurants in the
. area.
. 8.  I could do a bunch of local advertising and maybe get a good
. response.  However, even ten people would be great!!
. My reason's for wanting to organize an event:
. 1.  I am a new mommie - children are 1 1/2 and 4 = can't travel to
. conventions.
. 2.  I need inservice credit for my school district and I want to attend
. something relevant to my teaching area (animation and webpage
. development using Mandrake 9.0).
. 3.  I was formerly a music teacher/drama coach and have organized music
. festivals, contests, dinner theaters, etc.  So I thought - why not
. organize my own convention?
. 4.  I feel so alone!!  I want to meet other Linux geeks!!
. What do you think?  Who would come??  Who would be a presenter?  What
. would be your topics??  What else is required to make it a success??
. Marilyn
. Teacher Person who loves Linux

(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...