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[school-discuss] introducing opensource to a large urban school districts

Unless snowed out several people from the Concord Consortium will be meeting with tech people from the Boston Public Schools tomorrow morning.  Here's what I have sent them previously.


We are interested in understanding more about how Boston as a large urban school district implements, uses and maintains computer technology.  What are the critical services you now provide to students, teachers, and administrators?  What would you like to implement in the future?  What are your current hardware, software, administrative, and licensing costs?  

While we believe the adoption of open-source software in schools could lower costs and provide more powerful services to many schools we know we need more information about the day-to-day realities of how you implement and provide the current IT services in a large urban school district.


My main goal at this meeting is to better understand what they are trying to accomplish with technology and the resources they are using.  I will be bring a knoppix cdrom and thought I would also mention schoolforge and opensourceschools.

Are there any other resources or case studies that would be particularly applicable to a large urban school district?

-- Stephen Bannasch
   Director of Technology, Concord Consortium
   http://www.concord.org  mailto:stephen@concord.org