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Re: [school-discuss] K12Linux Texas update...

"Jones, Gregory James" wrote:

> I will do that ver thing.
> Thanks, Paul, for the effort and the update.  Now I just have to
> come up with a topic... and funding. Hmmm....

Funding is the proverbial elephant in the room, the big problem that
no one wants to talk about.  We need to be able to pay the entry
fees for these various conferences, transport people there, and make
sure they have lodging and food while attending.  Oh, I suppose we
should transport them back home, too :-).  All these things cost
money, which is something most of us don't have and aren't
especially interested in.

I'm working on something that I hope might be able to generate some
revenue that we could use to get Schoolforge people to conferences
around the world, but it's not ready for public unveiling just yet.
When it is (in the not too distant future), you'll hear about it
here first.

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