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Re: [school-discuss] Korea brings homegrown open source to schools

On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 03:07:45PM -0600, Alec Couros wrote:
> Anyways ... my point obviously was not well-taken by some of you as all 
> OSS must have to be innately GOOD news I suppose. I'll try not to raise 
> such obvious critiques in this forum.
  To be fair, I don't believe that all OSS news is all good. I want
to see a level playing field and freedom of choice for students and
education developers. Your views are greatly appreciated, and I hope
you continue to share them without reservation.

 I for one want to see more entropy in educational software/platforms/media.
 I dont think Linux is the end all utopia though. I like OSX, Fbsd, Obsd, even 
 windoxs on occasion. Its all good. I still see MS as holding a large chunk 
 of the business market and a lot of .edu market, for reasons that have
 nothing to do with quality or educational value.

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