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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: NECC 2004 Super Early-Bird RegistrationReminder]--Anyone going?

On Thu, 2004-03-25 at 04:32, Doug Loss wrote:
> Matt Greenway wrote:
> > Hi Doug
> > 
> > My wife and I are attending the NECC Conference.  At this point, it looks
> > like I will arrive on Saturday afternoon.  We are first timers so our
> > schedule will be quite full.  Currently my open source experience is limited
> > to PHP/MySQL on a MAC OS X Server and am looking forward to the release of
> > the native OS X Open Office.  I would be glad to help in any way I can just
> > send me an email.
> > 
> > mattg@mnbgreenway.com  
> > 
> Well, at this point there isn't anything to help with that I know of. 
> Some of the people from this mailing list were at the conference last 
> year in Seattle, but I don't know of anyone yet who has any similar 
> plans for this year in New Orleans.  Dave Prentice, are you still on the 
> list?  I know you're local; any plans?

K12Linux will be there. Red Hat is supporting travel for our students
and amer.com is shipping in 15 thin-clients. We'll have the email garden
like we did last year but they've given us additional space this year to
setup a classroom too. 

We'll have an IBM Thinkpad based mini-wireless-classroom running Fedora
Core 2 with a projector and screen for presentations. My students will
be running hourly "classes" on everything from Gimp to tours of the
Gnome desktop. I'm hoping to have more hands-on learning from the
teachers as they participate in classes.

I'll only have 4 students with me this year since it's so far away but
we hope to make a good show of it. 

;-) Paul

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