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Re: [school-discuss] Re: SuSE docs (was: Re: Re: Politeness and maturity)

> So:  I was wrong, the docs _are_ avaiable.  However through Novell's
> website, not SuSE's.  And they take some digging to get to.

Well, Novell does own SuSE so, i'm not sure how much the SuSE pages will
be kept up. I've used the www.novell.com/documentation plenty times before
and they're usually almost helpful. At least pointing me in the right direction
with the problem I have. Also, just a note, the support docs (most of them,
at least the ones I looked at) are wiki based, when you're going through
the html view. So if you have a fix or suggestion you can make it.
> Novell are strongly encouraged to provide direct doc support links off
> their SuSE domain (suse.com, suse.de, etc.) pages.  Streamlining their
> corporate site wouldn't hurt either.

Another support resource you can use is the support forums. Point your
news reader to support-fourms.novell.com and you can get FREE help
with any of their products. The sysops usually aren't Novell employees
but they do have a line to Novell and they can at least let Novell know
about problems and issues. They're helpful usually in their support as
well. But by the time I get to needing the forums my problems are way
more complicated than can be explained in a news post.

Also, have you looked at the SuSE mailing list? There is another FREE
resource you can use to get your questions answered.


Although, looking at your homepage i'm sure you're aware of these things.

To be honest, I don't blame these OS developer guys for not having
At least of the non-comercial open source folks. They don't get any or
much compensation for the work they do and every one wants details on
how to use their product/project.
Don't get me wrong, when I install a new app the first thing I do is
look for the docs, but
I can see how these guys either don't like to write docs or don't have time to.

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