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Re: [school-discuss] bootable Cd's?

> Wow, would be great to announce it on e.g. lwn.net too.
> We've been mirroring TheOpenCD and it has been useful.
For sure, once I have the next version ready we can maybe get some ideas
going on where we can promote it. I try to be as humble as possible so if
anyone wants to promote the disk that is fine by me. Also seeding the
torrent is alway a great burden off my web server. ;)

Also got a call from a teacher yesterday who wanted to get his hands on
40 copies to give out at a night course he is teaching on Free and open
source utility's. I told him I would produce 40 copies for him labeled
and everything. I have no problem doing this as it helps promote FOSS and
a few people in the area have donated a few spindles of cdr as well which
helps a lot. As it is an out of pocket expense for me. I am telling you
all this as a postscript to Daniel's comments about how there is not one
doing anything or supporting the FOSS stuff not as wine or complaint. I
do it because I believe in FOSS.

I also have a label for the disk which is done in glabel if anyone is
interested. If any one wanted to covert the label to a odt file I could
sure use that as I print off, sometimes, from system that do not have

Thanks all and take care!