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Re: [school-discuss] Linux Kiosk

Have a look at K12LTSP (www.k12ltsp.org). It's Fedora with the Linux Terminal Server Project bits already integrated, along with a bunch of educational software including GCompris. You install it on one machine to be the server, and then you can use old donated PCs as the clients. It comes with KDE which can be setup for kiosk use meaning it automatically logs in; good for use with small kids. (It also has Gnome and IceWM, but I don't think those have a kiosk mode; although, now that I think about it, it could be that the K Display Manager (KDM) is what controls the autologin, so perhaps one could use IceWM in a kiosk mode, which is arguably easier to lock down, requires less resources). Anyway, check it out.


Fintan Gaughan wrote:
My wife volunteers at a Kirkbymoorside playschool/playgroup North
Yorkshire England.
She is the only one that uses the computer there.
Caroline my wife knows how to work windows desktop get some of the
software running but says it too slow to run.  Having not seen it my
guess that programs been un/installed over the years also stuff ON
there that's  not needed running in background.
They don't have an internet connection and they don't need to.

It got me thinking about building a Linux kiosk
The kiosk must have the following
Educational games for 2 to 5 year olds
Lock everything down Icons on desk top stay where they are or if they
get deleted or moved  when computer reboots its to go back to same
original settings.
When booting up I don't want it to check hardware or internet
connections just boot straight to desktop WITH no user name or password to
be entered.
Able to play flash games my wife buys educational flash games off Ebay
and they run off a disk

No training at all !!

I would like some ideas to what I could do.
This link looks interesting http://gcompris.net/-About-GCompris

Any ideas and pointers?


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