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Re: [school-discuss] student created "to do list" for Moodle or simply web-based

On 22/10/15 22:18, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

If they use the calendar and create items for themselves, this will act
as a to do list.  That is how my students use it on Moodle.
> Hello everyone . . . 
> I am home schooling my smart sassy independent dyslexic teen age
> children.  A small school in rural Texas just doesn't cut it for them.
> I want to create a web form for them where they make a "to do list"
> every day and then check off those items they completed.  I use Moodle
> as a base, but all of their "to do list" activities are created by the
> teachers.  I want my kids to set their own goals for each day.
>  Ultimately  . . . in life . . . that is what we all have to do.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> Marilyn



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