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Re: [school-discuss] student created "to do list" for Moodle or simply web-based

I do home-schooing, also. You want to do computer-related stuff, and/or Android/iPad type stuff?

One possible way might be to use Google sites + Google documents (I have a survey on my web site, please see below, and I can go into further detail on how to do what you want to do to-do lists.) There are lots of to-do list apps in the Google store.

You could also just use the Google calendar, just make sure to tick the private box for each item, if you want to keep things private.

Daniel Villarreal

On 10/22/15 17:18, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello everyone . . .

I am home schooling my smart sassy independent dyslexic teen age
children.  A small school in rural Texas just doesn't cut it for them.

I want to create a web form for them where they make a "to do list"
every day and then check off those items they completed.  I use Moodle
as a base, but all of their "to do list" activities are created by the
teachers.  I want my kids to set their own goals for each day.
  Ultimately  . . . in life . . . that is what we all have to do.

Any ideas?



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