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Re: [school-discuss] StarOffice in Edu.

I've been looking for evidence of StarOffice 6 adoption in
universities, and haven't found any yet.
Google searches find plenty of StarOffice 5.2 references, but no 6.0
ones yet.
If you know of a university web page mentioning their support for
StarOffice 6, 
please send it to me so I can include it in

Chris Puttick wrote:
> The bad news is I haven't found a good explanation why education haven't
> adopted StarOffice/OpenOffice wholesale. The good news is in the UK it's
> happening in more and more areas, and with it a recognition of the
> effectiveness of Linux, particularly by primary schools and specifically the
> benefits of thin client setups. Watch this space...
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> From: Christopher Reed
> I read today in a release on zdnet "Sun expands StarOffice giveway" (see
> link
> below) that Microsoft has 90% of the office suite market in Edu.
> I'm curious why a free product like StarOffice is not more prevalent in
> education. Is it an issue of support? Usability? Laziness (people don't
> want
> to switch ffrom MS Office)? Or other?
> I appreciate your thoughts.
> Chris
> http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2002-09-17-009-26-NW-SW-PB