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[school-discuss] Python Class/Book

Being aware of some related info, I thought I should put it together.

In http://archives.seul.org/schoolforge/discuss/Sep-2004/msg00019.html , Bill Kendrick is
considering writing a Python book and is asking about licensing.

In http://www.ssc.com/pipermail/linux-list/2004-September/021657.html , Matt Beland
suggests an interactive Python class with the possibility of ending up with something
worthy of distributing to others.

At http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Programming:Python is a start on a free Python book.

Matt, I'm not currently subscribed to the linux-list, but scan the archives from time to time.
So I put you as a cc. I agree with you as I have contributed substantially to Wikipedia over
the past year and have found this is an excellent learning experience. When one is seriously
trying to explain a subject to others, one really has to think about it. There is also helpful input
from a variety of people.

Bill, one can take what's already done at Wikibooks and use it as one sees fit provided one
acknowledges Wikibooks and uses the same license.