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Re: [school-discuss] Progress Database

Phil Carinhas wrote:

Some friends of ours are supporting a school in a rural area of Mexico and need some sort of progress database tool that can help them identify
students that need help. Unfortunately many of their tools are windows
based, but perhaps there is a Linux tool that allows them to tie into
those anyhow.

Is there such a DB tool that can monitor reading, writing, and math skills?
What should we be looking for if not? Thanks,

-Phil Carinhas
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It would be useful to know what they are using at present that needs tying into. I am willing to write something new for them using Zope and Postgres that can run on Windows or Linux if they would like. I would need some detailed specs though.
Kind Regards
Garry Saddington
ICT co-ordinator
Skegness Grammar School