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[school-discuss] Tux Paint beta testers wanted!

The next version of "Tux Paint", my Open Source drawing program for
young children, will soon be released!

For those of you unfamiliar with the project, go peruse the Tux Paint website
at its new home:


New features in this release include:
  * Slideshow mode (accessible via the 'Open' dialog)
  * User-defined color palettes
  * Stereo sound effects
  * Detailed, animated and directional brushes
  * 6 new languages
  * ... and much more

The changelogs in CVS should have all of the latest info:

I'm looking for people to beta test Tux Paint, both from an end-users point
of view (i.e., play with it yourself, or let a kid play with it) and from
the parent/teacher point of view.  (Can you do what you need to set up
Tux Paint for your students/children?  Is the documentation suitable?)

Do the new features work?  Notice any weird bugs?  Does the documentation lie?
Etc. :)

Those interested can download 'release candidate 1' ("rc1") of the
upcoming 0.9.16 release of Tux Paint from here:


Currently (as of 12:30pm today) the source tarballs and RPMs for
RedHat 6.2, 7.3, 8.0 and 9.0 and Fedora 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are available.
Debian DEB packages and, hopefully, Win32 and Mac OS X (*crossing fingers*)
builds will be available some time in the coming days.

Thanks in advance!