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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Recent trends

Wayne Mackintosh wrote:
Claude (& FLOSS friends)

Great to have you leading the forum - we are privileged to benefit from the depth of your experience in both FLOSS and education.

>From my perspective I have observed three significant trends over the last year which hold huge promise for the future of FLOSS and OERs in education:

1. *Increased adoption of open source LMSs at large distance education providers.*

For example: Moodle at the British Open University, the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand and Athabasca university; and Sakai by the University of South Africa. This attests to the reliability and scalability of open source technologies in the Education sector.

I believe their is also increased adoption within universities (we've switched to Moodle).

On the downside there is a lot of concern about Blackboard's LMS patent.

Rob Rittenhouse
Computer Science
McMurry University