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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Do know about any Moodle implementation in your institution?

I would like all participants in this discussion to answer this question "Do know about any Moodle implementation in your institution?" and give some detail about it.

Our university switched from Blackboard to Moodle this year after a year long pilot hosted by the CS department and co-administered by yours truly. Justification:
1. Cost: BB would cost us $12,000 which for a 1500 FTE school is rather steep. BB licensing costs were rising rapidly and we believed BB was more interested in large scale implementation than small schools such as ourselves (unofficial motto -- "We have no money")
2. Features: Moodle offered us more (BB Basic is just that)
3. Moodle is a dynamic project with a supportive community. We felt it was really going somewhere.

In addition to the university installation we are experimenting with adapting Moodle as a portfolio support system and in using Moodle as a collaborative work space and repository for departments, committees and the like.

Robert G. Rittenhouse, Chair
Computer Science
McMurry University
Abilene, TX 79697