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[school-discuss] Webcast Interview Tomorrow: OpenOffice in Schools

Tomorrow, at 2:30pm Pacific Time, I will be interviewing Solveig
Haugland (http://openoffice.blogs.com/), Ben Horst
(http://www.solidoffice.com/), and Randy Owin (Director of Technology
at Bainbridge Island School District). We'll be talking about what
OpenOffice.org is, how schools are using it, and what impact it is

The one-hour interview will be broadcast live by "Skypecast," meaning
that you can listen to the interview by using Skype (www.skype.com)
and also participate in the Q & A session at the end. The Skypecast
link will be available starting at 2:10pm at

You can also join a live online chat during the interview by pointing
your web browser to http://www.webcastacademy.net/chat. (Thanks to the
folks at EducationBridges for this service and their great support.)


Steve Hargadon
916-899-1400 direct

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