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Task's at SEUL

Hey Erik,

  Just before the weekend, I read this letter of yours that asked if we
couldn't donate some of our time to do something for the Web stuff that
needed to be done.  You also mentioned something about a TODO list, that
was supposedly on the Web site.

  Now, I don't want to sound like a nag... but I've spending the entire
weekend trying to donate my time to help with this.  I've been popping into
the IRC site, sending you private e-mail and looking at the Web site for
the todo list.  So far, nobody has answered me on the IRC channel, and I
haven't seen this TODO list, and I haven't got no reply from my request
from the e-mail.

  I'm willing to do what needs to be done, and I'm willing to spend time
with it.  But, when I'm asked to do something, I'd sure like to get a
task.  So, where is this todo list?  Has luka finished changing the UI
stuff that he was supposed to?

As I said, don't want to sound like a nag, just impatient in getting my
hands dirty :-)

Orn Einar Hansen                         oe.hansen@oehansen.pp.se
                                        voice+fax; +46 035 217194