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[seul-edu] Networked Printers


Thanks for the note! Actually, the system I am setting up is in the process
of evolving.  At present, it consists of an NT server, several W95/98
workstations, and quite a few Slackware and Red Hat Workstations.  I need
Red Hat for the i810 chipset machines, and Slackware for microchannel. I am
running Samba for file sharing, email and internet access through the NT
server/proxy server.  As time goes, I hope to gradually eliminate the
microsoft stuff -- although the secretary and principal may always need
double-boot machines.  

My understanding is that it is easier to have multi-platform workstations
print to a Linux print server than to a windows print server, so that is
what I am attempting.  I also understand that pdq is of great help in the
Linux print setup.  However, pdq does not function as a print server.  So I
will have to use lpd or LPRng to set the print server up.  I tried printool
in Red Hat (which works fine) but the machine did not receive network
printing.  It may be that my hosts.lpd was not correctly configured. 

If I can get a Linux lpd print server up and running, I should be able to
use pdq on all of the Linux workstations.  For the microsoft machines, I
will no doubt need to use Samba in some fashion.

Tomorrow, I leave for New Mexico!  I expect to return in ten days.  I
mention this so you'll know if you don't hear from me.

Thanks for your thoughts!