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[seul-edu] Persons registered for LinuxWorld Expo EXHIBITOR badges

Ok folks,

Here below is the "Short List" of attendees for LWExpo that
I have registered for badges.  If you wish to be included,

Collette is STILL willing to host a reception, and I think
she would love a listing of those that will be ther, and
WHEN to plan it for.  You can post it here or send to her
directly at :

Collette McNeill <collette@mlwebworks.com>

Eugene has offered and we have accepted his offer of some
computers.  We need to select some software, and see if we
can have it loaded on the first day.  I thik there MAY be
time to get it preloaded (Eugene?) if we are quick and clear
on what we wish.  I have just gotten my office up and
running as of today, so I will be a bit more availible over
the next few days.

I am going out on a limb here, amd I will tell you all I am
ususally online with Yahoo Messenger running.  I use YM
because it can be accessed from almost any Java Enabled
Browser.  I have run it under Windows, MacOS and various
flavors of X-Windows running a Netscape Browser.  If you
need to catch me, use one of the following ID's:  mrbillrk,
mrbillrk_work, and my wife is listed asunicorn_mommie.

Emilio G. Milian
Collette K. McNeill
Chris Lehmann
Ray Olszewski
Joseph E. Arruda
Jeff Knox
Aaron Turner
Bill Ries-Knight

Here's hoping to see you.
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