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[seul-edu] (FWD) Re: City Wide Learning Center Saturday Open House

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Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 00:36:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Karl Pena <karl@tux.org>
To: john <john@johnknight.com>
cc: ma-linux@tux.org, jeroen@fairfax.van-pelt.com, seul-edu@seul.org
Subject: Re: City Wide Learning Center Saturday Open House

[John, I'm 'CC'ing the education group at SEUL on this. SEUL-EDU is a mega
gnu/linux education-projects group, and maybe some members of the list
live near the DC/Virginia area.]

If anyone intends to swing by the City Wide gnu/linux open house, 
(as described by John Knight, below), and wants to carpool, or needs a
ride from Alexandria VA, let me know.

[John, You can probably find some great resources for super-charging your
project if you search through the content on SEUL-EDU's
website: http://www.seul.org/edu/ . They are a phenomenally organized
gang. SEUL-EDU makes it a point to archive as many pioneering gnu/linux
projects integrating free software with education, as possible.]

Free the software; Free their minds



On Fri, 11 Aug 2000, john wrote:
> Saturday open house come visit us.
> I hope various people will come look at our learning center
> and offer advice. We have lots of choices to make. How should
> we arrange the games menus for kids using Gnome? Should we use
> DHCP?  What about NIS? Given its performance, how much of 
> StarOffice should be on the server and how much on the 
> local disk? How should we arrange our computers?
> We have fifteen laptops coming, what should we do with them?
> These and many more questions need seasoned answers.
> Email me or call 202 237 1969 (The birth year of Unix) to
> arrange a visit.
> Several people from the ma-lug have asked to see City Wide 
> Learning Center's Linux network. I will be in the learning
> center Saturday from 10:30 until 3:30 on Saturday Aug 11.
> You are welcome to visit.
> Here are simple directions:
> By car City Wide is three-fourths of a block West of Georgia
> Ave NW at 770 Kenyon Street. Kenyon St. is near Park Rd.
> >From Virginia you can get directly on Georgia Ave from the 
> North side of DC - near the Mormon Temple. Once on Georgia
> you travel about 5 miles South into DC until you reach Kenyon
> and turn right.
> By metro: Get off the Green Line at Columbia Heights station.
> Walk one block North  to Kenyon Street and walk four blocks
> East to  770 Kenyon.
> City Wide used  to be Bruce Elementary. You will see Bruce
> engraved in the arch over the door.
> Once in the building turn right at the top of the stairs and
> continue up one flight of stairs and through the double doors
> The learning center is  the last door on the right, just 
> before a second set of double doors.
> It is a big building and who ever is in the lc will be
> the only people in the building so don't be surprised.
> BTW, we could schedule meetings for a lug in the building
> at little or no cost. This large building is empty on
> weekends.
> There is a phone in the lc (202) 291 9239.

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