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[seul-edu] I'm back!

Hello All!

For a long while I haven't been to active but I am now back . I have
done a lot of Linux work lately, mainly networking but some other work
too, like uprading my computer with Linux to do all of my homework on
and play some games. Right now I am runing an AMD K6-2 500Mhz and I love
it (compared to my old Intel 133Mhz). I have tried many games but I have
had trouble getting my Monster 3D to work with Mesa and GLUT (Glide
recognized it because /usr/local/glide/bin/test3Dfx worked). So I only
hade redraws of the screen every 5 seconds.

Now here are a few questions that I am wondering about:

1. What would work better with k/gdm? NIS or LDAP?
2. Does NIS or LDAP have an option to automatically mount homes via NFS
or do you have to do something like that in a script that is exected
everytime someone is loged on? Like /etc/profile?
3. Should games like freeciv, tux: a quest for herrring, tuxkart,
gnome-napster, etc. be availible for students to play in their free
4. Would a big Office program like StarOffice be implemented on each
machine or little programs like KOffice or Gnome-Office?

Kevin Brown.
Age 13.