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Re: [seul-edu] I'm back!

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Kevin Brown wrote:

> Hello All!
> For a long while I haven't been to active but I am now back . I have
> done a lot of Linux work lately, mainly networking but some other work
> too, like uprading my computer with Linux to do all of my homework on
> and play some games. Right now I am runing an AMD K6-2 500Mhz and I love
> it (compared to my old Intel 133Mhz). I have tried many games but I have
> had trouble getting my Monster 3D to work with Mesa and GLUT (Glide
> recognized it because /usr/local/glide/bin/test3Dfx worked). So I only
> hade redraws of the screen every 5 seconds.
> Now here are a few questions that I am wondering about:
> 1. What would work better with k/gdm? NIS or LDAP?

NIS would work much better, as it is designed as a password sharing
service.  LDAP is geared more towards finger-type lookups on e-mail
address (I think)

> 2. Does NIS or LDAP have an option to automatically mount homes via NFS
> or do you have to do something like that in a script that is exected
> everytime someone is loged on? Like /etc/profile?

Actually, you export the home (such as /home) directory via nfs, and then
mount it on the different machines (easiest way)--this way, it doesn't
have to re-mount a different directory every time someone logs in (if
something like that could even be done)

> 3. Should games like freeciv, tux: a quest for herrring, tuxkart,
> gnome-napster, etc. be availible for students to play in their free
> time?

I wouldn't think so, because that adds supervision problems.

> 4. Would a big Office program like StarOffice be implemented on each
> machine or little programs like KOffice or Gnome-Office?

You'd be better off setting up StarOffice on each machine--staroffice
doesn't seem to like be done over a network.

Michael Viron
Chief System Administrator
Web Spinners, University of West Florida

> Thanks,
> Kevin Brown.
> Age 13.