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Re: [seul-edu] I'm back!

> > 1. What would work better with k/gdm? NIS or LDAP?
  NIS support is more tested and easier to setup.  However, LDAP will also
allow you to add more information to your user records than is required for
the normal *nix login.

> NIS would work much better, as it is designed as a password sharing
> service.  LDAP is geared more towards finger-type lookups on e-mail
> address (I think)
  Well, there is a security issue with that too.  Try ypcat passwd.  With
LDAP authorization can happen on the server end, without the client systems
ever seeing the password, encrypted or not.
  Not a big issue, but for the paranoid.

> > 4. Would a big Office program like StarOffice be implemented on each
> > machine or little programs like KOffice or Gnome-Office?
> You'd be better off setting up StarOffice on each machine--staroffice
> doesn't seem to like be done over a network.
  That's no longer true.  StarOffice 5.2 installs to and runs great from an
NFS mount.  It doesn't crash when you try to spellcheck or anything :)

  - Nick Lopez
Gates' Law: Every 18 months, the speed of software halves.