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[seul-edu] What's a neighbor table overflow??

Hi all!!

I am working on setting up Xtermkit on my server and using boot floppys on
my terminals in the music lab senario.  I have the recommended hardware, so
I am pretty sure that part is OK. . . . had Caldera 2.2 on my server at
first, and now went to Mandrake.  Red Hat 5.2 didn't have the driver for the
particular Compaq network card.

The boot floppy on the test terminal sees its hardware and seems to be happy
until it tries to connect to the server.  Then it says  "neighbor table
overflow" and that it can't connect to the server.

I just learn this stuff as I go along, or have a need to know a particular
thing, so who knows how I am messing this one up?!?!  My little setup is a
small part of a huge network.  My school district has about 28 campuses and
the whole thing is connected by fiber.  Our network guys have given me the
appropriate IP numbers for some static addresses, the district name server,
my local router . . . etc.  The DHCP server stuff is a bit confusing to me.
Of course there is a DHCP server for the network at large.  Could I
potentially mess that up with the Xtermkit setup?

I am the only Linux person in my district.  I really need your help.

Thanks for everything,