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Re: [seul-edu] Using free software after school or at home for education

On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
> I was wondering if parents on the list use free software with/for
> their kids to help them in education prupose. If so I will be very
> interested - I'm a parent too - to know how sucessfull they were and
> how they use the software and computer.  Actually my son is 2 years
> old and he's very found of computer but well I don't like him to use
> that so early.

My opinion is that kids education should be based on normal things:
- rough sports: tree climbing, bycicling, football (both american,
european), swimming
- traditional games: monopoly (excellent to get ease at mathematics)
- love and caresses
- constructive games: like Mecanos ( pieces that join into houses,

Computer provide the boys with some special values:
- The concept cause/effect: Push this button and it shoot missils,
but only in phases 3 and 4.
- Resistance and ability for not being easily defeated at first
- Abstraction

Computers doesn't provide "social intelligence" , for example.
Although, IRC...could certainly. Has anybody tried to do "guided"
controlled session on IRC ??

You should care where and how combine thoses ingredients to make
a "balanced" and healthy ... man/woman!

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