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Re: [seul-edu] wikis in education (was: SEUL/edu wiki test)


I have just set up some examples of how one could integrate things on 


This includes quizzes with random number generators (which Bruno does
better) as well as random selection of earlier quiz questions with a
weighting towards the most recent question (which I don't think has
been done before).

The user has to push a button to request a (single) "Q"uestion.

> > * 2 a natural flow from one slide to the next - easy flip-buttons
> by keeping records on the student's progress through mastery quizzes, we can
> control the flow (navigation of the pages presented)

We could do this in many ways.  I've simply set up a "N"ext button...

> > * 6 on-line grading
> I am working on that now.  It is not yet functional but I need it therefore
> it will be done soon :-)

Same here...I have to have something fully functional by summer or so.

> > * 9 an easy way to print the whole course
> that is easy to do and I will be implementing it real soon now

There is an example of a printable postscript file in this page as

Since I've been using only simple ASCII content within the
structure (without HTML) it is trivial to embed the structure in any
format whatsoever -- so far I have one example each of HTML and
postscript. Later on I would like to add several other presentation
formats - all with the same underlying content.  Eventually the user
should be allowed to choose just how the information is to be
presented...(with or without detail, with or without quizzes etc