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Re: [seul-edu] wikis in education (was: SEUL/edu wiki test)

On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 11:49:24AM -0700, lp wrote:

> I was thinking mainly of collaborations also. 

collaboration is the purpose of wikis.  The idea of also including some
structured, programmed learning is new and untested and just now being
programmed in as an extra and only on my particular variant of wiki. 
One can EASILY ignore its existence and just pursue the pure 
collaboration aspect which *is* the wiki culture.

> Some other thoughts on how to use a wiki
> ----------------------------------------
> Would it also be possible to use some wiki pages 
> as "virtual booths" at a kind of ongoing SEUL 
> education convention?

one can have wiki pages, and/or wiki folders full of wiki pages
and/or wiki websites full of wiki folders ... 

zope (and other CGI platforms) allow authentication at the 
page level and/or the folder level and/or the website level.

> is about. Each person would be responsible for keeping the 
> wiki page maintained.

although wiki pages can be maintained by one person only (and I do that for
some of my wiki pages), wherever appropriate and possible, we should
encourage multiple maintainership, and even anonymous maintainership ...
many wikis have a cvs like feature which can recover damage caused by errors
or wiki-vandalism.