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Re: [seul-edu] wikis in education (was: SEUL/edu wiki test)

> The use I'm investigating for a wiki isn't to
> use one directly in education, but to use one 
> for the collaborative work that
> SEUL/edu does, or could do.  As such, this isn't 
> so much about programmed learning
> outcomes as it is about joint creativity.  
> These are two very different goals, I
> think.  It looks to me as though a wiki could be 
> very useful for the latter; I
> haven't thought too much about the former 
> (although I'm very sure Bruno has).

I was thinking mainly of collaborations also. 

Some thoughts on E-mail and wiki dynamics.
I think of the mailing list as a place to 
_collect_, _identify_, and _discuss_ topics 
of interest, while a wiki is a place to 
*organize* the information so that it is 
more useful and accessible to everyone.

I was also thinking of a simple way to allow 
individuals on the mailing list to automatically 
take charge for organizing information about a 
topic they are interested in, especially in a way 
that is meaningful to them. When you have two or 
more people organizing information about a topic, 
well, then you have a collaboration (or at 
least a lively discussion!)

I was worried that having a wiki for SEUL
might interfere with the dynamics with the mailing
list. Doug has voiced similar concerns. Having
thought about it a little more I think the wiki
might actually stimulate more posts to the mailing 
list: for the same reason that going back and
reading old threads reminds you of things and 
brings up new ideas and new questions.

Some other thoughts on how to use a wiki
Would it also be possible to use some wiki pages 
as "virtual booths" at a kind of ongoing SEUL 
education convention?

For instance, high schools that are using Linux in some
way could have a page to post a link to their home pages
and give a brief introduction to how they are using Linux.
Individuals like Gunnar and Manuel who have educational
projects could have a page where they post a link to their
sites and give a brief description of what their project
is about. Each person would be responsible for keeping the 
wiki page maintained.

An acceptable use policy would have to be formulated.
I don't think you would want banner ads floating 
around in the wiki, for instance.

L. Prevett
Mathematics Instructor
Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ, US