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Re: [seul-edu] Site@School V2.1 betatesters needed

Dirk Schouten wrote:
Hi All,

Site@School is the OSS/GPL content management system for primary schools.
More info on: http://siteatschool.sourceforge.net

Het S@S Team just finished the new Version 2.1 beta release.
We are looking for beta testers to help us testing the new release.

What do we ask:
1. download, install and test S@S V2.1beta.
2. report bugs in the S@S Forum before the 1st of March 2004.

By helping us, you help schools in England, America, Holland, Poland,
Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Turkey, France and Germany.

I personally would feel more sympathy towards seul.org if they were
not so through-and-through American. They convey the distict feeling
that anything not origionated in the US of A is not worth very much.