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[seul-edu] NEWS: SEUL/edu Case Studies


We have just launched a new resource for you: SEUL/edu Case Studies for
GNU/Linux in Education. We are actively seeking your input, and

Please go to the case study submission form, and take a brief moment to
send us your words: http://www.seul.org/edu/casestudy.html -- even if you
don't think that your involvement or case is so unusual. We want to hear
from you.

Results from your input will be reviewed, and periodically posted on the
website. These posted submissions will serve as a central database for
GNU/Linux in education case studies.

One day, you should be able to use these case studies to help you advocate
the case for free software in the curriculum, or classroom, or maybe to
pitch a good idea to a principal, board member, friend, or boss.

Ideal submissions will be candid outlines of _YOUR_ involvement and
experiences with GNU/Linux and free software in the classroom: name of
school, location, how free software got started there, how it has/not
helped, what are possibilities or plans for future use of free software

Although the form is only in English right now, feel free to write in your
native languages, if better for you.

Please send case studies feedback, or any questions to: casestudy@seul.org

Thanks for responding, and helping us collect the results of your stories.
best regards,

   - karl@seul.org (aka "Jackal")

SEUL/edu Projects Liason
Systems and Security Administrator