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Re: C++ vs Java

On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 10:35:30AM +0200, Bill Tihen -- TECHNOLOGY wrote:
> to your contributions.  Especially any experience with
> CVS and group programming and OSS model early on

We do lots of group programming with the second-year kids, but I haven't yet
been able to set up CVS.  I've been reading docs in what little free time I
get, but haven't had a free weekend to take the plunge.

> (I like teaching using Java -- 'cause its fun and easy for the
> kids, but I guess you must teach C++).

Since the AP exam has switched over to C++ from Pascal, only C++ textbooks
are available in Texas.  Technically we could do something different with the
first-year kids and then switch over to C++ for AP computer science, but few
teachers do that.