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Re: C++ vs Java

I haven't tried group programming -- at the schools
where I work they don't seem to give students the time
to take 2 programming classes.  But I am going to start
an after school programming activity -- once a week. 
There I should be able to get some group work going --
next year once I have some experienced programmers.

I actually don't teach computers anymore -- at least not
to give the kids credit.  Here the teacher is teaching
scheme -- I don't know how he is preping them for the AP
exam.  Here we have to also be able to prepare for the
IB -- however, the last time I read it -- it didn't
allow any object oriented programming.

Anyway, I just teach java to the kids for fun and they
take it for fun.  So I don't have to do anything, except
let them have fun learning OOP and making things they
think are cool.  Just the kind of teaching I like -- I
know it's kind of whimpy, but I don't miss the
complaining and grade groveling of normal teaching.


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