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Re: CVS (was: C++ vs Java)

I may be able to help if you tell me more about your troubles.

Here's the basics of setting up CVS as it works for me (we have 3 Sites, one in
Europe, 2 in the US):

Once your binarys (after make install) are in the Path, you set the Environment
Variable CVSROOT to point to some directory where you want the Repository, then
say cvs init.
That should do the trick.
Then you can add a new Module by (bad but real easy way) creating a Directory in
the Repository, or by using cvs import which takes some arguments.
After that, anyone with CVSROOT and the binary can say cvs checkout xxx and gets
module xxx.
Files can then be added by creating them, then cvs add followed by cvs commit.
Bells and whistles can be added later, but I hardly find it necessary.
One important thing is that everyone is in the same group.

Students only need to know about cvs commit, cvs update, cvs add for starters.

Hope this is of some help


Graham Mitchell wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 10:35:30AM +0200, Bill Tihen -- TECHNOLOGY wrote:
> > to your contributions.  Especially any experience with
> > CVS and group programming and OSS model early on
> We do lots of group programming with the second-year kids, but I haven't yet
> been able to set up CVS.  I've been reading docs in what little free time I
> get, but haven't had a free weekend to take the plunge.
> > (I like teaching using Java -- 'cause its fun and easy for the
> > kids, but I guess you must teach C++).
> Since the AP exam has switched over to C++ from Pascal, only C++ textbooks
> are available in Texas.  Technically we could do something different with the
> first-year kids and then switch over to C++ for AP computer science, but few
> teachers do that.

Reto Stamm
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