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Re: [seul-edu] apache + php + mysql

Thanks for your offers.  I could use some pointers with
setting up mysql.  I have the docs, but I have a week
database foundation.  

I found the setup a little complicated because my goal
was to get imp working.  Which is does now -- quite
well.  I found that running mysql improperly however,
had a tendency to crash my mailserver.  I didn't like

The precompiled binearies didn't work for me -- but that
was also before I realized that there are 3 lines in the
apache config files that need changing not just 2.  So
they probably work just fine, but I did all the compile
by hand anyway and then did the config properly.

After I experiment with SSL I will let you know what
questions I have.  But if you have a solid starter I
would be interested.  Exspecially, I looked at the
LinuxConf stuff for SSL and it made no sense so I didn't
think I knew enough to get started.  You make it sound
so simple though.


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